About Net Zero Nuclear
Net Zero Nuclear is an initiative that calls for unprecedented collaboration between government and industry leaders to at least triple global nuclear capacity to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
Why is Net Zero so important today?
It is time to act. We already have the tools we need.
Recent weather extremes across the globe underscore the urgent need to rapidly decarbonize power production to prevent the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

But decarbonization of the current power system is not enough; the energy transition will require more electricity, not less, and three-quarters of a billion people still lack access to power.

At the same time, the worst energy crisis in recent history is making life harder in households the world over. The result: energy shortages, inflation, and a cost-of-living crisis that has already tipped many economies into recession.

And so, to meet urgent climate goals while simultaneously addressing rising energy demand, nations need more than energy security; they need clean energy security: clean and resilient grids, powered by solutions that can reliably deliver abundant clean energy to homes, businesses and industry 24/7.
Fortunately, a key part of the solution is already at our fingertips: Simply put, our world needs nuclear energy. And to meet today’s challenges and move us towards tomorrow’s goals, we need more of it.
Modeling shows that global nuclear energy capacity should triple by 2050 if we are to achieve our climate targets while still achieving the energy security we require. We have no time to lose.

But scaling nuclear energy up to deliver the increasing demand for clean, reliable electricity requires energy leaders and political will to mobilize quickly and efficiently.

We now have a unique and limited window of opportunity to show how, with nuclear energy, we already have what we need to deliver for tomorrow, today.

Advocates and leaders across the energy sector and industry must unite to achieve this goal – working together to build a broader understanding of the value of nuclear energy, to deliver the political and financial enablers to propel nuclear energy’s growth, and to tear down the roadblocks that prevent nuclear energy from fully realizing its contribution to global clean energy security.
The initiative aims to focus the industry’s collective efforts on realistic, actionable, solutions-focused dialogue to enable the rapid expansion of the global nuclear fleet and the acceleration research and development into emerging nuclear technologies.
Secure recognition for nuclear energy as a clean energy source for decarbonization and promote its value as part of an evidence-based approach to a secure and inclusive energy transition;
Unite the industry with civil society, advocates, investors and other key players to create the widest reach and impact on the role nuclear energy can play in achieving Net Zero;
Establish the right social, political and economic drivers for nuclear's inclusion and deployment in our current and future energy systems, and remove barriers towards its use;
Facilitate partnerships across the energy sector and with industry to drive rapid deployment at scale, of both large- scale reactors and advanced technologies such as SMRs, in established and new nuclear nations;
Empower young people and others concerned by climate change, by engaging with, listening to, and providing information on the role nuclear energy can play in solving climate change and energy security issues alongside other clean sources of power.
30 NOV - 12 DEC 2023
Expo City, Dubai
Together, we aim to deliver a strong pipeline of activities and engagement under the banner of Net Zero Nuclear, leading up to a united presence and unprecedented industry engagement at COP28 in the UAE in Dubai in December 2023.
Get involved
Get involved
Making the Net Zero Nuclear vision a reality and uniting all industry players around the goal of tripling the global nuclear fleet for the delivery of Net Zero will require an unprecedented level of collaboration, coordination and teamwork.
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